The Table Club Singapore was launched in October 2011. The Table Club now has a network of families based in Singapore that spreads outwards internationally. With Singapore’s interactions with Australasia, Indonesia and Asia particularly, these families represent a vital hub to the world economy. The families have particular influence in the areas of investment and finance, resources, and technology.

Many family offices have originated in Switzerland, Israel, UK, India or other locations to take advantage of Singapore’s tax regime and the significant and developing opportunities in the region.

Multi-family offices are a relatively new phenomenon, following a similar development curve as in the US and other mature markets. Some are evolving as extensions of very large and sophisticated families that attract others, while some are commercial, originating with professional advisors.

Direct and co-investment is a frequently stated goal for MFOs in Singapore as with SFOs. Almost all of the local wealth is first generation and thus emphasize operating businesses, but this is changing as next-generation family members assume more participation from patriarchs and matriarchs.